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When you indulge the exclusive world of Eve's Whisper you are pampered with our sublime exclusive creations. Our secret and sophisticated products are designed to enhance the breathtaking rapture of your massage experience with Eve's Whisper.


Eve's Whisper is pleased to introduce your senses to the the translucent, silky flow of our Whisper premium massage oil and lotions, that are odorless and stainless. Luxuriously moisturizing and conditioning, it will effortlessly invite your senses to delight, further inspiring you to experience The Extraordinary, or to sink into the blissful pleasures of a perfect sensual massage experience. Simply the smoothest expression of The Art of Seductive Touch.


Eve's Whisper is also pleased to whisk you away with our exclusive smokeless candles and hand-dipped smokeless incenses, that will create a rich tapestry of scent throughout your home/suite with compelling soft, sensual and natural notes.

Eve's Whisper custom-designed candles effortlessly navigates between traditional elegance and sleek, modern form. Made from a soy-based blend of hard waxes and scented with natural, essential oil based fragrances, and an untreated 100% cotton wick.


Our oil and lotion is:

  • Allergy Tested

  • Oil-Free

  • Fat-Free

  • Water-Free

  • Fragrance-Free

  • No Preservatives

  • Latex-Safe

  • Safe for daily use on any area of the body

  • Made in The United States



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