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Eve's Whisper offers to take your mind and body on a very sexy and exhilarating journey. Yes, it is possible to experience stress relief, pleasure and intimacy  within the safe halo of sensual touch and erotic bodywork. Your time with any Eve's Whisper sensualists will be sexy, fun, stimulating and intimate. However, we are NOT a full service, service. Also, sex is NOT offered nor is it negotiable with any Eve's Whisper provider.


Please respect our "No Full Service" and "No Sex" policy. If you ask for sex or attempt to persuade any Eve's Whisper provider/Sensuelle for full service, you will not only offend our provider/Sensuelle but you will also be violating our "No Sex" and "No Full Service" policy, and our provider will immediately end your session.


Our Sensual Erotic Bodywork services are designed specifically to give relaxation and safe pleasure. We are not using the term Sensual Erotic Bodywork as a cover or a code for Sex or Full Service. If full service is what you are genuinely looking for we encourage you to find a full service agency/provider that can accommodate your desires.

Imagine a shoreline beach. Watch as the waves begin to mount far out at sea, slowly building, hitting a peak, and then slowly withdrawing back out into the calmer waters. This is the rhythm you will be experiencing in this session.  Just like the sea itself, sometimes the waves come in sets, and sometimes the waves are slow, and don't mount very much at all, and sometimes the waves are high and hit hard. In this session your wave will rise high and hit hard! You will have a WHOLE-BODY explosion.


In today's rat race and economical times--everything is rushed and shallow with an empty outcome. That is why this session is special! You're allowed to slow down, relax and dive deep into a world of eroticsim. You will indulge sensational caresses and deluxe visual stimulation,  all designed to create exhilirating experience that will help inrease your stamina and control.


This session is sexy, stimulating, playful, and most of all sensual. Sensual Stamina Training will create a new beginning, a journey to rejuvenate your body from the core--A realistic solution to enhance what still works or to rehabilitate what has been broken! Or to simply to become better! We promise to have you feeling life again, feeling young again and feeling sensuality again.  

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This session includes:

  • Sensual bodywork calm your mind and reconnect with your body

  • Deep Breathing guidance to help you with control

  • Body  to body contact to excite your senses and build up your erotic energy

  • Blindfolding for rounds of extensive erotic touch and breath work

  • Erotic Visual/sensory overload for final round of extensive special erotic touch and breath work

  • Sensual recovery bodywork and breath work to bring you to a complete state of calm and full body connectedness


60 Minutes..........................$400.00         90 Minutes..........................$500.00


Prices do not include parking; Please add $20 for Valet. Also note, bookings more than 30 minutes outside of the Metro area is an additional $25-$100 traveling fee.

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For Loyals Clients Only