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Eve's Whisper is intensely committed to serving our clients honestly. Our goal is to make your life more peaceful, balanced, beautiful and meaningful. We honor commitment to our clients as we covet long-term relationships of trust.


Unfortunately, our type of work attracts predators as well as representatives of oppressive agencies that seek to punish what they don't understand. We need to know that you are not a threat to our Sensuelles physical freedom, health, or safety. To that end, we prefer that you provide us the name and contact info of someone who can vouch for you. This “someone” must be a reputable Sensualist, Tantra bodyworker, Erotic Provider, Erotic Service, ProDomme, or Companion that you have seen in her or his professional capacity. If you are unable or unwilling to provide this, we will accept verifiable work information (company name, your position with the company and address of company). We verify your information without contacting your employer. We have a discreet and sophisticated method of verifying you. Any false or fake information will be detected.


Without such verifiable information we are unable to service you.We are fanatics about discretion and will treat any and all information you give us accordingly.

Your life is 'on the go' - You are stressed (both good & bad), tired, and pulled in so many directions. You may feel that you never take time to stop and take care of yourself. You should!!!! Everyone needs at the very least 15 minutes per day to just 'be'. Sit still, listen, take a deep breath and relax.


Better yet, take an hour out of your busy day and just be. Sensual Touch is a great way to sit still, listen, take a deep breath and relax! Eve's Whisper will meet your needs. After all, everyday is a new adventure and your body is constantly in need of something different. Our techniques and modalities help do this for you. Try us! Life will be so much better and you will thank yourself for it.


You serve those around you better when you are feeling good and your body is in an optimal space! Do not forget about yourself so you can help yourself and others!


Regular sensual touch and body care does wonders. Eve's Whisper is committed to each individual client and our intent is to always be of service to you.

Heal..... Relax.....Let Go.....Enjoy

We can certainly understand and respect your choice not to offer such information. We can only hope that you understand and respect our reasons for the request.


The safety and comfort of our Sensuelles is our top priority. Our Sensuelles cannot give their all to you in a session if they have concerns about their safety. Addressing those concerns via screening means you'll have a more effective session.We're sure you are a very nice person, but not everyone is, and sometimes predators have excellent disguises.


Besides having other obligations and interests, our Sensuelles need time to adequately prepare physically, emotionally, and spiritually for your time together; therefore a lot of our Senselles are rarely able to schedule same-day appointments with new clients, although you're definitely welcome to inquire.


If you are a new client and you'd like a same day appointment, please call us (instead of email) at least 90 minutes in advance, and be prepared to give our booking valet your verifiable work information or a reputable provider references.


If you are someone who doesn't have as much control over your schedule as you'd like, you can go through the screening process ahead of time, please fill out a reservation form (put “pre-screen” in the space for “day and time”) and then give us a call on the day you know you are available—but we can not guarantee you an appointment for that day.


We provide discreet and personal sensual services to elite gentlemen in Atlanta GA, Charlotte NC, and Miami FL. We have the right to refuse or cancel appointments at any time. We also have the right to blacklist any client that raises concern for the safety of our Sensuelles and may forward the contact details of that client to fellow services.


Our code of conduct asks that all of our clients remain gentlemen when dealing with our kind and professional Sensuelles. This helps make the experience enjoyable for both parties involved, ensuring that your Sensuelle will do her best to make you feel wonderful during your time with her. Always keep in mind our Sensuelles are human beings, who just like you, place a high value on good manners and being treated with respect.


Your Sensuelle will stimulate all of your erotic senses. Your body will scream for more. Stay passive; allow her to take the lead. Discover the pleasure of erotic touch without the usual urge to perform.


The liberation of your sexual energy will excite you. Give in. Let your Sensuelle enjoy your excitement. Let her choose the moment to release you. Self-control and letting go is not for everyone. But those who can do it, they are the most gratified clients.


Misbehavior might result in an immediate termination of your session without any financial reimbursement . Misbehavior will also result in a permanent ban from future service from Eve's Whisper.

Code Of Conduct

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