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To guarantee a satisfying sensual experience for both you and your Sensuelle, we have set a few tips to make this happen. These tips will prevent any awkward or unpleasant situations.


We kindly ask you to observe these basic tips:

  • Make your reservation in time. Allow a reasonable notice. We require at least 90 minutes notice.


  • Allow yourself a nice hot shower before your Sensuelle arrive. Wash yourself thoroughly, including your intimate places. Or you can add on a sensual shower session with your Sensuelle. Refer to Our Offerings page for more details.


  • Consider the ambience. Make sure the room temperature is at a comfy level.


  • Be alone in your room or in your home during your session and have all pets put away when the Sensuelle arrives

Our code of conduct asks that all of our clients remain gentlemen when dealing with our kind and professional Sensuelles. This helps make the experience enjoyable for both parties involved, ensuring that your Sensuelle will do her best to make you feel wonderful during your time with her. Always keep in mind our Sensuelles are human beings, who just like you, place a high value on good manners and being treated with respect.


Your Sensuelle will stimulate all of your erotic senses. Your body will scream for more. Stay passive; allow her to take the lead. Discover the pleasure of erotic touch without the usual urge to perform.


The liberation of your sexual energy will excite you. Give in. Let your Sensuelle enjoy your excitement. Let her choose the moment to release you. Self-control and letting go is not for everyone. But those who can do it, they are the happiest clients.


Misbehavior might result in an immediate termination of your session without any financial reimbursement . Misbehavior will also result in a permanent ban from future service from Eve's Whisper.

Code Of Conduct

  • Be free from the influence of drugs


  • Please abstain from heavy foods for at least 2 hours prior to your session.


  • Be modest with alcohol prior to your session. A few drinks are fine, in fact it might attribute to feeling already relaxed even before your session has begun.


  • Settle the exact fee, including valet parking, upon arrival of your Sensuelle. Consider it a donation to someone who really cares for you.


  • Welcome your Sensuelle as you would like to be welcomed. Make her feel at home. She will take only a few minutes to set up for your session. Let her use your bathroom to change dress – as she will bring something sexy to wear for your session.


  • We are sure you will truly enjoy the erotic sensual experience we offer. We are sure you will get sexually aroused. The stimulation of sensual touch will put you in a sexual mood. Your Sensuelle will understand. She will even understand that your male instinct will get active. But be strong and stay passive. Relax. Let your Sensuelle do all the work.


  • Refrain from asking for any kind of ‘extra services' or 'sextras’


  • Refrain from asking your Sensuelle for her private number.


  • Please leave yourself unhurried time after your session to savor the blissful feeling and to gently integrate.


Awakening Of The Senses

The largest sensory organ of your body is your skin. When any one of our stunning Sensuelles lay their hands on you during your sensual body care experience you will enjoy the sensation of your skins receptors reacting to the external stimuli of the loving and knowing caresses.  When you relax and enjoy the stimulation of a Eve's Whisper luxurious body care, your brain and nervous system will also be stimulated, which cause a wonderful release of body chemicals such as endorphins, instantly providing a "feel good" mood.


An Eve's Whisper sensual experience will naturally lower your stress levels and slow down the release of the stress chemicals known as cortisol and noradrenalin, and additionally your blood pressure is lowered.


Our Sensuelles also provide a deeper more penetrative erotic touch which means that your blood circulation is increased and the deep intensity also eases knotted or tense muscles.  Regularly indulging sensual touch can also add to your own body’s flexibility. Sensual touch is often perfect for eliminating headaches and insomnia.


Your Eve's Whisper Sensuelle can touch you in the most satisfying ways to provide you a sensual erotic experience that will ensure your complete satisfaction.

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