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Eve's Whisper offers to take your mind and body on a very sexy and exhilarating journey. Yes, it is possible to experience stress relief, pleasure and intimacy  within the safe halo of sensual erotic bodywork. Your time with any Eve's Whisper sensualists will be sexy, fun, stimulating and intimate. However, we are NOT a full service, service. Also, sex is NOT offered nor is it negotiable with any Eve's Whisper provider.


Please respect our "No Full Service" and "No Sex" policy. If you ask for sex or attempt to persuade any Eve's Whisper provider for full service, you will not only offend our provider but you will also be violating our "No Sex" and "No Full Service" policy, and our provider will immediately end your session.


Our Sensual Erotic Bodywork services are designed specifically to give relaxation and safe pleasure. We are not using the term Sensual Erotic Bodywork as a cover or a code for Sex or Full Service. If full service is what you are genuinely looking for we encourage you to find a full service agency/provider that can accommodate your desires.

For this ession there will be two Sensuelles, one for each partner. You and your partner lie next to one another and take a journey through your sensuality and sensations, which can be a rich reward and inspiration. This session opens a sacred space that invites you into new dimensions of devotion, to seize the treasures that lie within the two of you. During your Harmonic experience, you will be guided in a loving, caring way, allowing you to observe and dwell in your feelings as and when they arise.


Enjoy this experience together as a married couple, lovers or good friends. It is a wonderful gift idea for your anniversary or your birthday but also for many other occasions. When you lose yourself in the eroticism of being touched with your partner it can awaken sexual appetite and allow sensual energies to flow again.

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It's an intimate experience that supports mutual trust, brings new impulses and inspiration. It is an unforgettable, deep and uniting experience suitable for all couples aiming at enhancing their sexual energy and rediscovering each other.


Your sexual energies will be highened during this experience but our providers are not there to watch you and your partner have sex. If the mood to make love strikes you and your partner please wait until our providers have left.


We screen and verify BOTH partners for this session. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you're booking this session as a gift/surprise for your partner we will still need their information for screening purposes. We will not reveal the surprise. However, we must always know who our providers are servicing, for their safety and comfort.


This session includes:

  • Specialized gentle bodywork inspired to lovingly worship your body.

  • Luxurious full body rose petal  bodywork to stimulate your senses.

  • Warm sensual cleansing ritual to nurture complete stress relief


60 Minutes..........................$550.00         90 Minutes..........................$750.00


Prices do not include parking; Please add $20 for Valet. Also note, bookings more than 30 minutes outside of the Metro area is an additional $25-$100 traveling fee.


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