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I usually see full service erotic providers & escorts. Can Sensual Touch really satisfy and fulfill me?

It's not fair to compare escort services to sensual body care services. We can't tell you which is better for you because that's subjective. However, Sensual Touch is not for those looking for the alternative for sex. Sensual Touch is ideal for those looking for deep relaxation and stress relief. The world of Sensual Touch and Body Care is calm, safe, rejuvenating, intimate, and pleasurable. The escort world is something different. It's all about what world you desire to indulge.


What if I'm embarrassed about my body?

Don't let this stop you. You're denying yourself quite a pleasurable experience. We are not here to judge your physique or ogle your body. We are professionals and caring individuals who have found Sensual Body Care to be a wonderful gift to give, regardless of age and weight, and we are proud of what we can offer to people in need of stress relief or just wanting to luxuriate in the sense of touch.


I don't want my concierge/neighbors to know I'm using a sensual touch service. How can you assure discretion?

If you don’t tell your neighbors or concierge they will never know. Our Sensuelles are very professional and discreet. They will not stick out of the crowd. It will be just another visitor entering the building or a friend visiting your home.


You have some really attractive Sensuelles. Is there any chance I can get more than sensual touch?

We offer many highly sophisticated sensory experiences designed for your pleasure but we do NOT provide full/escort service. Refer to our 'Offerings' page to see a full menu of services we provide.


Can I touch and fondle the Sensuelle? 

Just lie back, relax and let the Sensuelle do all the work. Our sessions are designed for you to remain passive, receive and enjoy. Gentle touching is allowed but no cocky fondling and please respect the Sensuelle's boundaries at ALL TIMES.  


Can I select my own Sensuelle?

If you desire to meet a particular Sensuelle it is best to book in advance. We cannot guarantee the availability of any Sensuelle for same day appointments. Our concierge will always inform you of the masseuses that are available when you call to book a same day appointment and you can select a masseuse from the availability list..


Does Eve's Whisper Offer incalls?

No we do not.


Are the ladies on this site real?

Yes, they are.  We value return clientele, we strive to always met your expectations.


What if I need to cancel after the Sensuelle arrives?

In the unlikely event you need to cancel after the Sensuelle's arrival a fee of $100 will be required. Any longer than 5 minutes the Sensuelle will keep the full donation.


What if I need to cancel a few hours before my scheduled appointment?

We require a $100 cancellation fee for pre-booked appointments cancelled 24 hours prior to the scheduled time. We require 50% payment for appointments cancelled less than 24 hours of the sheduled time. We understand things come up unexpectedly, however the Sensuelle you booked has reserved time just to meet you. We ask that you respect our Sensuelle's time and compensated her for the other opportunities she's passed on to book an appointment with you. If you have an issue paying the cancellation fee please do not contact our service again.


Can I book a session for a friend or for my partner?

You can not book a session with Eve's Whisper for someone else. You can only book a session for yourself.


If you are booking a couple's session we will have to screen both partners. WE DO NOT DO SURPRISE COUPLE'S SESSIONS. We need to verify both you and your partner. For safety, we must always know who our Sensuelles are meeting. Also, to avoid awkward situations, we prefer both partners are aware of the arrangements.


Why is there a fee to just watch my partner in a session?

Because it's fair. Watching your partner having a glorious experience is arousing and excited for you too. The Sensuelle is not only pleasing the one she's actually touching but the person watching as well, therefore she should be compensated accordingly.


How will the Sensuelle be dressed upon arrival?

She will be dressed casual. You will not feel exposed in any way. Your Sensuelle will change into something sexier when you two are alone.


Are you affiliated with another service?

No we are not. We had a sister concierge service (Zensual Touch) however, we decided to merge both services. Eve's Whisper is a brand with a prestigious reputation. We want every Sensuelle working with us to represent and benefit from the brand we've worked very hard to build. Now there's only Eve's Whisper. We are not affiliated with any other service.


If I pay by credit card, what is the process and what will appear on my statement?

If you pay by credit card there is a 5% surcharge. Our company name will not appear on your statement. Please be advised, to protect ourselves from chargebacks, our Sensuelle will present a bill that will require your signature, and she will also need to see your Driver's License.

What exactly is a Sensuelle?

A Sensuelle is the title for a beautiful and enlightened woman who is a professional sensualist.


What is a Professional Sensualist?

A professional Sensualist is someone highly skilled in the sensual arts such as sensual touch, sensual dance, sensual companionship, and sensual visual stimulation.


Will I receive quality sensual touch or just some kind of erotic show or a superficial rubdown?

We are aware that suddenly there are erotic and sensual touch providers and services popping up everywhere, which makes it hard for some people to navigate which way to go. We can not confirm or deny the legitimacy or sincerity of other providers or services. However, Eve's Whisper has been providing elite Sensual Touch and Body Care services for fourteen years and if the quality of sensual touch matters a lot to you and you want a proper Sensual Erotic experience we are the right service for you. All of our Sensuelles are beautiful, and have been well trained in the art of Sensual Touch and Body Care.

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