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Eve's Whisper offers to take your mind and body on a very sexy and exhilarating journey. Yes, it is possible to experience stress relief, pleasure and intimacy  within the safe halo of sensual erotic bodywork. Your time with any Eve's Whisper sensualists will be sexy, fun, stimulating and intimate. However, we are NOT a full service, service. Also, sex is NOT offered nor is it negotiable with any Eve's Whisper provider.


Please respect our "No Full Service" and "No Sex" policy. If you ask for sex or attempt to persuade any Eve's Whisper provider for full service, you will not only offend our provider but you will also be violating our "No Sex" and "No Full Service" policy, and our provider will immediately end your session.


Our Sensual Erotic Bodywork services are designed specifically to give relaxation and safe pleasure. We are not using the term Sensual Erotic Bodywork as a cover or a code for Sex or Full Service. If full service is what you are genuinely looking for we encourage you to find a full service agency/provider that can accommodate your desires.

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This session includes:

  • Specialized nurturing bodywork to coax you into a deeply relaxed state.

  • Exhilirating and smooth body to body gliding for truly sensuous pleasure.

  • Warm sensual cleansing ritual to nurture complete stress relief


60 Minutes..........................$300.00         90 Minutes..........................$400.00


Prices do not include parking; Please add $20 for Valet. Also note, bookings more than 30 minutes outside of the Metro/Perimeter area is an additional $25-$100 traveling fee.

Sensual Euphoric is a delicious body to body exploration that will satisfy your hunger for pleasure.


Your beautiful Sensualist will coax you into a deep state of relaxation first, calming your body and your mind. Then the session will progress to a more delightfully provocative adventure. Enticing your senses, your Sensualist will skillfully and playfully glide her beautiful body against your body.


You will be taken on a sensual journey through your body, through the vortex of Ecstasy and Euphoria. As your Sensualist uses her shimmering candle-lit body to seduce you into to deep body surrender- her movements becomes a form of worship. Your desire for pleasure and release will be drawn out and conquered.

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