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Join Eve's Whisper

As an elite service, Eve's Whisper is very selective about who we hire and associate ourselves with. If you are sincere about becoming one of our Upscale Sensuelles we have an inviting and warm place for you here.


It's okay if you are not familiar with Erotic bodywork/massage. All you need is the commitment to learn and the passion to erotically pleasure others. Eve's Whisper has a staff of qualified & certified Sensualist that will teach you the essentials of Sensual Touch & Erotic Bodywork.


We provide a thorough training guide for inexperienced ladies. Your skill will enhance through experience.


Please keep in mind that even with the many Sensuelles with our service we are a very busy service, and that providing sensual bodywork services is safe, fun and rewarding but it is not for lazy, unhealthy or selfish women.


Please Do Not Seek Employment With Us If You Are:

  • Negative

  • Close Minded

  • Lazy

  • Judgemental

  • Unhealthy

  • Unsanitary

  • Not A People's Person

  • Working For An Escort Service



Eve's Whisper is an 12 year old upsale Sensual Erotic Bodywork Service that is the only one of it's substance and style in Atlanta, Orlando and Miami. Eve's Whisper has upscale clients that are very exclusive, genuine and respectful gentlemen and women who craves relaxation and pleasure with creative, nurturing and beautiful women.


Eve's Whisper only collaborate with beautiful, energetic and passionate women who are passionate about the art of Sensual Erotic Touch Services. Being a part of our world you'll be exposed to new classy friends, a lucrative income, stability, fulfillment and freedom. No matter what walk of life or career field you're coming from you'll find Eve's Whisper to be a perfect home. You'll find peace with our operation, our clients and the service you'll provide.


Our service specializes in the art of eroticsm and intimacy. However, WE ARE NOT A FULL SERVICE OR ESCORT AGENCY. The ladies who work with us (Our Sensuelles) DO NOT have sex with our clients. We offer erotic, sensual and relaxation bodywork services only. Our service is about using beauty, skill and passion to  relax and pleasure others erotically. We offer clean, safe, creative pleasure to upscale gentlemen and women who have a full appreciation for the art of sensual touch.  

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