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Sensual Shower


A great way to start or end your sensual erotic massage session is taking a warm and nurturing shower with your beautiful sensual Goddess. Soft candle light, erotic mellow music and warm water trickling over your skin as your beautiful Goddess wash and massage your body.


To Begin.....

You can amplify the sensations acquired throughout the sensual bodywork session by opting for a sensual shower. You are taken into a deeper state of relaxation as both your body and mind are cleansed during your sensual shower anointed with a specially designed aromatherapy shower gel. Your skin pores are opened and your mind is prepared for the sensual erotic bodywork awaiting you. As a result, you will be less nervous and you will be in a fully receptive state at the end of the shower.

To End.....

You've just had glorious sensual erotic bodywork, your senses are sharp and excitement is heightened. For many people a sensual shower is great way to end their sensual erotic experience. Your beautiul Sensuelle uses a special herbal shower gel for this very special shower. You'll become aware of your entire body as each part is affectionately given attention. Your energy flow will be stimulated, your sensitivity will increase as your Sensuelle deliver a more enhanced and powerful release.

Additional $80.00      

Sensual Erotic Dance


Embrace your nature of being a visual creature. Sit back, relax and enjoy the exhilirating sight of your beautiful Sensuelle sensually and artistically showacses her femininity through erotic dance. She will seduce you into an erotic mood with her graceful and sexy movements. This hypnotiq private show is great to bond with your Sensuelle and start your session. You will feel completely free and aroused, which will enhance the sensual erotic bodywork session awaiting you.

Additional $80.00      

Meet For Tea, Coffee or Cocktails


Sensual Touch and Erotic Bodywork is a very intimate experience, and we completely understand that some people may be nervous. To break the ice and get more comfortable with their Sensuelle some people may want to meet their provider/sensuelle for drinks (ie tea, coffee or cocktails) and easy conversation, before their scheduled session. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible so that you can fully receive the pleasure and relaxation our sessions are designed to give.


Your Sensuelle will gladly meet you in your hotel bar for a brief encounter before accompanying you to your suite for your luxurious sensual touch experience.


You can also arrange to have a drink in the privacy of your hotel suite or residence.

30 Minutes $100.00      

60 Minutes $150.00

Dinner/Lunch Date


Seal a glorious sensual erotic experience with a intimate and romantic dinner date, of a delicious meal, drinks, stimulating conversation, laughter and overall charming companionship...


Our Sensuelles are chosen for their ability to put you at ease, to keep you entertained and of course to provide their own very special brand of feminine company. Your Sensuelle is not only skillful in the art of touch but she also makes for a very charming dinner date.


We prefer dinner/Lunch dates to be pre-booked and not requested spontaneously when the Sensuelle is with you. Your Sensuelle will need time to prepare accordingly (i.e. change of clothes and arranging her schedule), which is why advance notice is appreciated.

Dinner/Lunch dates always take place AFTER your session. It's not comfortable or wise to receive a bodywork on a full stomach. Our NO FULL/ESCORT SERVICE POLICY still applies for dinner dates.

2 Hours $300.00      

3 Hours $450.00


Eve's Whisper offers to take your mind and body on a very sexy and exhilarating journey. Yes, it is possible to experience stress relief, pleasure and intimacy  within the safe halo of sensual touch and erotic bodywork. Your time with any Eve's Whisper sensualists will be sexy, fun, stimulating and intimate. However, we are NOT a full service, service. Also, sex is NOT offered nor is it negotiable with any Eve's Whisper provider.


Please respect our "No Full Service" and "No Sex" policy. If you ask for sex or attempt to persuade any Eve's Whisper provider/Sensuelle for full service, you will not only offend our provider/Sensuelle but you will also be violating our "No Sex" and "No Full Service" policy, and our provider will immediately end your session.


Our Sensual Erotic Bodywork services are designed specifically to give relaxation and safe pleasure. We are not using the term Sensual Erotic Bodywork as a cover or a code for Sex or Full Service. If full service is what you are genuinely looking for we encourage you to find a full service agency/provider that can accommodate your desires.

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Add one of our luxurious services to your session, to enhance your sensual erotic experience with Eve's Whisper.

Champagne Ménage à Trois


This is a true delight that will excite your senses! With our Champagne Ménage à Trois offering you'll indulge in extravagant pleasures, and an abundance of riches like never before!


With your Sensuelle, you'll raise a glass of rich Menage à Trois champagne/wine to celebrate the moment. Then your Sensuelle will masterfully blend the champagne/wine with our deluxe massage oil to make a fresh and rich champagne/wine oil that will be used for your session. Champagne and wine has rejuvenating properties that are great for your skin, will also blissfully intoxicate your skin, provoke your senses and enhance your sensual erotic experience.


Let us spoil you with this luxurious treat. With your choice of Menage à Trois red wine, white wine or champagne, this will be an unforgettable threesome you’ll always look forward to.

Additional $80.00      


Our Sensuelle will always provide a fresh bottle of Menage à Trois champagne or wine for this session.