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There’s something to having a peace of mind and being relieved of stress. What Exactly is Sensual Touch and Bodycare? It’s not just rubbing on your body and then bring you to a sudden release. It’s about connecting intimately and slowly, sensually, delicately working you up to an intense and peak that will make you feel lighter on your feet, calm and totally relaxed. With the right Sensuelle you’ll be basking in the experience long after the encounter is over.  


Our Sensual sessions are designed to usher you into a new realm of possibilities for enhancing an individual or couple experience of intimate touch.


Sensual Touch is for people who choose a physical experience to touch their hearts and minds as well as their bodies. It is for those who choose to awaken their senses, sate their curiosity, and expand their body awareness. It is also wonderful for adventurous souls in search of a sublimely sensual experience.


Rediscover the natural ease of communication through touch. Explore and move through limiting ideas about physical contact. Remember yourself as a whole and sensual being. Relax with sensual touch and body care with Eve's Whisper.

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The beautiful Caitlin is back on the roster! She took a few months off to focus on her studies. Now she's back and excited to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Caitlin is based out of Atlanta.


If you appreciate sweet southern charm, you'll certainly adore Caitlin. Seemingly the quiet and shy type, Caitlin is full of surprises. She's naturally sensual and believes relaxation is necessity.




It's our pleasure to introduce you to a new completment/add-on we've added to our offerings menu. This is a true delight that will excite your senses! With our Champagne Ménage à Trois offering you'll indulge in extravagant pleasures, and an abundance of riches like never before!


With your Sensuelle, you'll raise a glass of rich Menage à Trois champagne/wine to celebrate the moment. Then your Sensuelle will masterfully blend the champagne/wine with our deluxe massage oil to make a fresh and rich champagne/wine oil that will be used for your session. Champagne and wine has rejuvenating properties that are great for your skin, will also blissfully intoxicate your skin, provoke your senses and enhance your sensual erotic experience.


Let us spoil you with this luxurious treat. With your choice of Menage à Trois red wine, white wine or champagne, this will be an unforgettable threesome you’ll always look forward to.



A question that some people ask not just us but themselves when thinking of starting their journey into sensual erotic bodywork, is that if what they’re doing is going to be accepted by those around them, i.e close friends and family. While there are those who may believe it is well within your own right to make decisions for yourself and therefore don’t need anyone else's approval to have erotic massage experience, there are others who may be refusing themselves such an amazing experience as a result of over thinking what others may think of them and whether they’re making the right choice.


If you’re hesitating from indulging such an intimate experience due to thoughts that this might be wrong to do, then here’s a little information to put your mind at ease so you can simply focus on enjoying what matters:


Let’s start off with a question you may have already considered: ‘Is the bodywork too sexual?’ With any erotic bodywork session, there is an obvious sensuality attached and, on the most basic level, because physical pleasure unlocks our spiritual and emotional well-being. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean however that there is sex involved or that your desire to have certain things remain off the table will not be respected. A bodywork session with Eve's Whisper is not only sensual and respectful, but also tailored to ensure you have the safest and sexiest experience possible.


‘Is it morally wrong?’ Well, morality is something that relative to an individual but the thing people most worry about is whether it’s indecent to have a sensual erotic bodywork session. This view is usually brought up over misplaced preconceptions about what a sensual erotic bodywork actually is. To be clear, when you book a session with a real Sensuelle, you’re not paying for sex. You’re paying an expert and trained sensualist to help you reach a level of positivity and pleasure you never have before, using the ancient healing power of the sensual touch. Our Sensuelles are skilled providers who have a true passion for what they do. The ability for them to be able to turn this into pleasuring others is what makes the overall experience so amazing.


‘What will others think?’ Honestly, when it comes to, no one really has to know unless you tell them. It's not a secret, it's private, it's personal. It's nobody else's business to know what you're doing in your personal time. You're an adult, with adult needs, that are being taken care of lovingly and sensually by another adult.


As you would expect with an upscale concierge sensual bodywork service, Eve's Whisper is a professional company, we are discreet and what you share is private. And we are honored if you chose to spend your valuable personal time with one of our beautiful and skilled Sensuelles.


Jasmine is a captivating, charismatic and delightful in every way, intelligent, well traveled and charming. Jasmine is a valued member of Eve's Whisper and has captured the attention of many. This stunning, Sensuelle is an absolute charm and will blow your mind with her titillating sensual touch and erotic bodywork.


Whether you’re looking to embark on a sensual bodywork experience for the first time, or you are an experienced sensual seeker looking for rejuvenation, Jasmine’s fresh and loving approach will be just the thing! With Jasmine, you will experience the extraordinary!




Here at Eve's Whisper we pride ourselves on providing the best upscale concierge sensual erotic sessions, to relieve you of tension and stress that can build up quite easily throughout working life or to simply bring excitement in your life. There are many different bodywork sessions we offer. However many of you reading this might not quite understand what these sessions entail and so in this article we will be explaining some of the different types of sessions we offer and what they involve.



Our Sensual Awakening Session is a rejuvenating session where the recipient allows the Sensuelle’s touch to melt away stress, transforming the recipient's energy to experience a world of gentle stimulation and serenity. This session is a blend of therapeutic touch and sensual caresses.


The goal of our Sensual Awakening session is to awaken the senses, by allowing yourself to let go and to be aware of your body, as erogenous zones and sensitive areas are being lovingly touched and stimulated. It is an intimate, personalized experience where you will feel the waves of excitement rising up and then softly falling down again carrying you into a state of pure relaxation and pleasure!




Our Sensual Euphoric Session is a highly arousing and erotic session that use various touch techniques to release your tension and then slowly caressing your skin with sensual, tantalizing touches building up your sexual stamina. Included in this session is body on body contact, seductive teasing and exhilarating body worship. Your Sensuelle will allow you to completely unwind and deeply enjoy the present pleasure of steamy hot bliss.


Our Sensual Euphoric Session is an art of body to body sliding, involving quite a bit of creativity. Your chosen Sensuelle will slide her body against yours, using aromatherapy oils for lubrication. This highly erotic and sensual bodywork is something you cannot truly understand unless you try it. This is an all-round incredible experience.




Our Sensual Bonding session is an extremely arousing, playful and intense session where the recipient enters a state of complete  submission through sensual bondage and sensual tease & denial. This bodywork session is by far the most sensuous bodywork experience that we can offer you. It is one of the personal favorite for many of our Sensuelles. Are you a sensation junkie? In a Sensual Bonding Experience we incorporate as many different textures and sensations as you can handle. Once your Sensuelle has you completely relaxed, a delicious selection of feelings will present themselves to your skin. The softest of caresses. Sweet flavors. Tickles and cold pricks followed by warm body to body slides. This delicious combo of soft and sharp sensations will expand the energy around your body leaving you in an aroused state of anticipation. Your skin will be tingling. Your body will be relaxed and your mind will be still. Along with this infusion of sensations will be deep strokes with hot oil tailored specifically for your body. The many sensations will be intense, stimulating, subtle, bold, calming and ultimately satisfying.



Hello Pleasure Seekers, meet Holly. Holly has a wealth of Sensual and Erotic bodywork experience. She has an avid appetite for sensuality and a fiery passion, making her wild at heart. Holly is inviting, gracious and warm-hearted – with a blatant innate dignity and gentleness.


With her natural and sensual nature, Holly will brighten any dull day and will help ease the tension and stress with a truly special erotic bodywork experience.




Finding the right professional sensualist is the key to developing and maintaining a health regime. A sensualist that check  all the right boxes for you is definitely worth their weight in gold.


Developing a long lasting relationship and seeing the same professsional sensualist on a regular basis can make your erotic bodywork experience better each time.


When you meet a professional sensualist for the first time there is always that excitement and possibly nervousness too. However, the best sensualists will always make you feel relaxed and welcome straight away.


We hear regular stories from our clients about how they have visited certain providers/agencies before and found the whole experience awkward or unsatisfying. From the bodywork to the small talk, it can all make a big difference to the atmosphere and quality of the session.


Finding a professional sensualist that has passion and skill, who is calm, friendly,  clean, and organized, makes all the difference. This is the type of professional sensualist that you will want to see all the time. When you start to visit the same sensualist on a regular basis, they will become very familiar with your body and know exactly what you like. You will also start to build a relationship which will make the atmosphere even more relaxed, calm and enjoyable.


Sensual Bodywork has many different positive effects on the receiver. Some are great for relaxation, while others can heal you from muscle pains. There are other types of bodywork sesssions, like sensual bodywork, which allows you to achieve a state of consciousness at a higher state. This form of bodywork use sensual and sexual energy to awaken an energy field which has been dormant within the body.


When this energy field has been awakened by sensual touches, the receiver of the bodywork obtains a feeling of overwhelming happiness, and this allows the physical and mental pain that have been trapped within to escape. Sensual bodywork is a very intimate and serene method of healing. It calms and revitalizes one’s mind and heart, and opens the door to sensuality and spirituality.


Sensual Erotic experiences will help you connect with your inner self through the stimulation of the erotic energy. The more you become connected to your sensual core, the more positive you become. With sensual bodywork experiences, your senses will be delighted because your imagination and your vital energy will be stimulated. If the bodywork is properly done, the cell vibration will be at a higher frequency and will raise creativity and an ecstatic feeling.


You will feel motivated and inspired as the oxytocin level in your body increases. Oxytocin is the hormone that gives you confidence because it is involved with personal feelings of bonding and affection. Hence receiving Sensual Erotic bodywork regularly will lead to an improved general health and better immune functions. Sensual bodywork therapies can alleviate some emotional guilt and pain, as well as physical pain.


When parts of your body have been repressed during a period of time, Sensual bodywork can awaken them and stimulate spirituality. These are healthy experiences, and sexy too; and the physical experiences are part of a healthy experience. Your blood circulation will get a boost hence it will flow smoothly across your body. The “stress hormone” cortisol will greatly be reduced. The joy that you will feel from the experience is very natural, raising consciousness and helping you to become more personally empowered and fulfilled.


Eve's Whisper will be happy to receive your call, whether you just want a new exciting experience or you are seeking sensual healing and relaxation. You simply make contact, and we will do the rest. Sensual Erotic bodywork is a unique experience that you’ll never regret having.


"Your body is your ground metaphor for life, the expression of your existance. It is your bible, your encyclopedia, your life story. Everything that happens to you is stored and reflected in your body. Your body knows. Your body tells. The relationship to your self to your body is indivisible, inescapable, unavoidable. In the marriage between flesh and spirit divorce is impossible, but that doesn't mean that the marriage is necessarily happy or successful.


So the body is where the dancing path to wholeness must begin. Only when you truly inhabit your body can the healing journey begin. So many of us are not in our bodies, really at home and vibrantly present there. Nor are we in touch with the basic rythms that constitute our bodily life. We live outside ourselves - in our heads, our memories, our longings - absentee landlords of our own estate. " - Gabrielle Roth


or consideration of the seekers of erotic bodywork. This then leaves many people with a terrible impression of sensual erotic bodywork, but Eve's Whisper wants to change that.


Eve's Whisper is an upscale concierge sensual erotic massage service. We bring our luxury massage service to you, whether it's your home or your hotel room. Each one of our masseuses are extremely good at adapting to their surroundings and creating a tranquil and sexy ambience for your ultimate relaxation and pleasure.


It came to our attention that there were individuals and services out there copying our style and making false claims of being the first and/or best. So over the last five months Eve's Whisper has gone above and beyond to completely separate ourselves from the imposters and ingenuine sensual erotic bodywork providers and services. We wanted it to be clear who we are and what we stand for. Over the last five months we've flown a lot of our Sensuelles to Thailand and Cancun for new photo shoots and to participate in sensual erotic bodywork workshops. Our Sensuelles were already thoroughly trained but now they are freshly trained with newer amazing bodywork techniques. You can never stop evolving and getting better in the art of sensual bodywork!


Eve's Whisper is the first service of our kind in Atlanta, Miami and Orlando. We are the first coin the title 'Concierge Sensual Erotic Bodywork Service' anywhere. We are the first sensual bodywork service to provide 'Add-On' services and we are the originators of special 'Themes' for sensual bodywork sessions. We have fourteen years of experience in sensual erotic relaxation and pleasure. We are the real deal. We are the best!

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Welcome to Eve's Whisper the best service in Atlanta, Miami and Orlando to have the perfect Sensual Erotic bodywork experience. True upscale sensual erotic bodywork providers and services are far and few. With so many people and agencies offering services like ours you're probably wondering what makes us stand out above all the others. Well, let us tell you why we are the best.....


We are always growing, and bringing on beautiful and very charming ladies who have natural skill and genuine passion in the ancient art of sensual erotic bodywork, to provide you with a luxuriously relaxing experience.


All of our Sensuelles are dedicated to the craft of sensual touch. Eve's Whisper will never send someone to you who is in this just for the money. Sadly, there are many erotic bodywork providers and services out there that are in this business just for money and not for passion  



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