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Eve's Whisper offers to take your mind and body on a very sexy and exhilarating journey. Yes, it is possible to experience stress relief, pleasure and intimacy  within the safe halo of sensual erotic bodywork. Your time with any Eve's Whisper sensualists will be sexy, fun, stimulating and intimate. However, we are NOT a full service, service. Also, sex is NOT offered nor is it negotiable with any Eve's Whisper provider.


Please respect our "No Full Service" and "No Sex" policy. If you ask for sex or attempt to persuade any Eve's Whisper provider for full service, you will not only offend our provider but you will also be violating our "No Sex" and "No Full Service" policy, and our provider will immediately end your session.


Our Sensual Erotic Bodywork services are designed specifically to give relaxation and safe pleasure. We are not using the term Sensual Erotic Bodywork as a cover or a code for Sex or Full Service. If full service is what you are genuinely looking for we encourage you to find a full service agency/provider that can accommodate your desires.

Awaken in the morning, midday or in the evening. It's your body's fundamental daily journey toward balance-and it's the foundation for our Sensual Awakening session. Sensual Awakening is a blend of sensual, therapeutic and arousing touch that explores every inch of your body. This session is for the seeker of pure relaxation and pleasure. Nothing fancy or complicated about it...simply lay down, let go and indulge the slendor and power of healing, sensual and erotic touch.


You will feel your provider's positive charged energy pass through you. She will always keep her hands in contact with your body, never breaking the connection of energy passing between you two. This is never rushed, taking her time, being rhythmic yet sensitive, and proceeding from long gliding touches to deeper ones.

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Let go and allow your senses to be awakened and sharpened, get your sexual energy flowing freely and be worshipped like the King you are!


Your experience of pleasure will expand, and you will be able to meet the world with renewed vigor and clarity. Sensual Awakening will bring your body back into a natural and balanced state. Your discomforts will become a distant memory as the toils of life are worked out. Within a matter of minutes you'll realize why Sensual Awakening has been calling your name.


This session includes:

  • Specialized gentle bodywork inspired to lovingly worship your body.

  • Stimulating deep strokes designed to awaken your senses.

  • Warm sensual cleansing ritual to nurture complete stress relief


60 Minutes..........................$250.00         90 Minutes..........................$350.00


Prices do not include parking; Please add $20 for Valet. Also note, bookings more than 30 minutes outside of the Metro area is an additional $25-$100 traveling fee.

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