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We realize that you have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing sensual touch and body care service. It seems all of a sudden Tantra, Erotic touch and or Nuru is on every one's service menu. Others may distort the true beauty of Sensual touch and sensual body care or confuse you about what Sensual body care is with foreign words and grandiose descriptions. Eve's Whisper delivers the simple and relevant truth.....


Eve's Whisper Sensual Body Care is a beautiful combination of sexual energy and stimulation with traditional touch techniques. These sensual touches are used to release tension in your body to ease you into a tranquil state, and to awaken and rejuvenate your senses. Organically your mind and body will unblock and allow sensation to flow through your body like a river, and you'll softly and safely be allowed a much needed release. This time is yours to vacate from stress, loneliness, fear and shame.


Eve's Whisper Sensual Touch and Erotic Bodywork may sound similar to Tantra work but it is not the exactly the same. Like Tantra, our Sensual Touch and Bodywork can be spiritual and inspire  you to be very present. However, Tantra includes more meditative practices and consultations.

Our Sensual Touch and Erotic Bodywork is a method of using pleasure as a means of comfort and relaxation. Nothing more and nothing less.


Tantra is about teaching you to control your energy and not focus on releasing. Our body care is about total surrender and allowing a much needed release to happen. There's nothing wrong or superficial about just wanting to let go and feel good. You don't have to over think it or feel ashamed of just wanting a loving and arousing touch. Pleasure alone can be very spiritually uplifting and exactly what you need to relax.

Sensuelle= Sensual + Belle

The Sensuelles of Eve's Whisper are true Sensualists who are spiritually evolved, and greatly aware, and their whole beings are devoted your awakening and pleasure.


Each Eve's Whisper Sensuelle is an exquisite vision of erotic inspiration & pure temptation. Each is a rare fruit (of a meticulous selection process) endowed with exciting passion for sensuality, a playful personality, a beautiful physique and amazing sexual magnetism.


The Sensuelles of Eve's passionately shares the gifts of Sensual Touch personally, creatively and intimately – the only way Sensual Touch is authentically given. They use the power of feminine sexuality, spiritual enlightenment, and sensual skills to shatter illusions and bring the you closer to the truth of who you are and what pleasure is.

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Sensuelles of Eve's

Many people are leery about spiritually based services because they imagine a set of loony New Age concepts that have little basis in reality. We acknowledge that you have seen, heard and experienced a lot in your life, and may be a natural skeptic and therefore not very fond of fluff. Although our body care services are a blend of sensual and spiritual vibes, we know what is practical and relevant to compliment your upscale modern lifestyle.


Since the Spring of 2004 Eve's Whisper has been providing superior sensual erotic body work services. We are the first service of our kind in Atlanta, Georgia. Copy cats have surfaced and vanished over the years but we are still  Atlanta's leading Concierge Sensual Touch and Erotic Bodywork Service. And we're now providing upscale sensual services Charlotte  North Carolina and Orlando Florida.


Eve's Whisper is prestigious for having invented and perfected a sensational and realistic approach to sensual touch and erotic bodywork. We stand at the pinnacle of Sensual Luxury with an unwavering commitment to quality, and a meticulous attention to detail, creating the most gratifying intimate experience you can have. We treat every client as royalty. It doesn't matter if you are a novice or have a wealth of experience with sensuality, you will be rewarded as the special individual that you are.

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The sensation of touch is a powerful tool, which has been shown to have numerous benefits. An Sensual touch is not only a=a good way to enhance your mood and release tension, but it also has an emotional aspect to it. We are programmed to enjoy touching and being touched by others. The skin contains millions of nerve endings that are just waiting to be aroused and stimulated, through sensual touch and erotic bodywork for adults.


When one of our beautiful sensualist arrive at your home or hotel to provide tender body care, you will experience a general feeling of well-being. This type of body care can reduce any stress you may have by tickling all your senses. Sensual Bodywork can take away any inhibitions that have been holding you back in your personal life or relationships. As the ultimate release from stress, this type of bodywork can take away any emotional hardships or troubles you may have been suffering from, and sets the mood for many positive romantic adventures.


Stress is a very serious condition in today's world, affecting up to three fourths of the population at any given time. Whether this stress is caused from a demanding job, strain on your relationship, or even just from the daily struggle of getting all of your tasks completed, it can take a very real toll on your health.

Benefits Of Sensual Bodywork

Stress can raise your blood pressure and put you at a higher risk of heart disease, anxiety, depression, and a number of other unpleasant conditions. This is particularly true if you are a business executive, who is under constant pressure to meet deadlines, sales goals, and make important decisions.


When stress remains at peak levels, it can settle in areas of your body that are extremely receptive to emotional troubles: your erogenous zones, or intimate body parts. To release this build-up of stress in your erogenous body parts, an Sensual Touch and Erotic Bodywork is one of the best ways to break the vicious circle of daily stress, giving a positive impact on your relationships at work and at home. Many of today's medical experts claim that one of the best ways to relieve stress is through pleasure.


By treating yourself to regular Sensual Bodywork with Eve's Whisper, you will put yourself in the soft, loving hands of experienced professionals who are skilled at helping you release yourself from stress. We can melt away every drop of tension in your body, helping you feel completely rejuvenated.


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